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CDD Response / Irrigation

Bella Terra Council of Presidents:

Thanks for bringing your concerns to our attention concerning our irrigation contractor – Irrigation Specialists. As you know, we have a contract and specific tasks for Irrigation Specialists to complete monthly. Some of your comments/request for services are outside the scope of our contract:

  1. Daily reporting
  2. Maintaining the schedule of the timers for the irrigation in the Bella Terra Blvd medium and 3
    roundabouts. (Through our agreement with the Master HOA, their landscape/irrigation contractor
    controls the irrigation timer schedule).

See the attached Habitat (Bella Terra) CDD irrigation protocol. We will be working with Irrigation Specialists, Bella Terra CAM’s, and the Bella Terra irrigation/landscape contractors to follow the protocol. Feel free to contact us with any issues.

Cal Teague / Mark Novitski