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Workshop Meeting Minutes for April 16, 2024

Community Development District

A workshop meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Habitat Community Development District was held in the Bella Terra Clubhouse at 20070 Bella Terra Boulevard in Estero, Florida and also via web conference on Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 3:00 p.m.

Present and constituting a quorum were:

Larry Roth – Chair
Norman Reno – Vice Chair
Linda Lea Gibson – Assistant Secretary
Jenny Licht – Assistant Secretary
James Meek – Assistant Secretary

Also present:

Cal Teague – District Manager, Premier District Management (PDM)
Charlie Krebs – Engineer, Hole Montes, Inc.
Melissa Gindling – Assistant District Manager, PDM
Connie Lorenz – Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems
George Ring – Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems

The following is a summary of the actions taken at the Habitat Community Development District Board of Supervisors Meeting.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS Call to Order and Roll Call

The workshop meeting was called to order and all Board members were present. Also in attendance were Cal Teague, the District Manager, Charlie Krebs, the Engineer, Connie Lorenz and George Ring from Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Melissa Gindling, the Assistant District Manager, and Several Residents.

SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of the Agenda

On MOTION by Supervisor Gibson, seconded by Vice Chair Reno, with all in favor, the Agenda was approved, as presented.

THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

There were no Audience comments on Agenda items.

FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Asphalt Rejuvenation Workshop

Vice Chair Reno commented that he had spoken with Connie Lorenz of Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, and was impressed with her explanation of the asphalt rejuvenation process, which had been applied on the roadways at Stonybrook. He also stated that he had accompanied her on a ride around in Bella Terra, so she could observe the roadways.

He introduced Ms. Lorenz, and she gave a presentation on the asphalt rejuvenation process, which was illustrated in a slideshow. She stated that it had originally been determined that there was a need in the aviation industry to design a surface treatment which would protect the pavement from fuel damage and prevent premature degradation. She explained the development of the technology for the product PDC (Pavement Dressing Conditioner), and how this treatment can also be used in private communities with extensive roadway systems.

Ms. Lorenz explained the causes of asphalt breakdown, including oxidation, and stated that PDC treatment reverses oxidation. She also noted other advantages that result from PDC application. She stated that it requires a 24-hour drying time, has a 3 year warranty, and does not cause any speed limitations on roadways. The Board had questions about the application process and traffic management while this product is being installed.


On MOTION by Supervisor Licht, seconded by Supervisor Meek, with all in favor, the workshop meeting was adjourned at 3:52 p.m.

The April 16, 2024 Regular Meeting is today at 4:00 p.m.

Secretary / Assistant Secretary
Chair / Vice Chair