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Meeting Minutes for October 19, 2021

Community Development District

The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Habitat Community Development District was held in the Bella Terra Clubhouse at 20070 Bella Terra Boulevard in Estero, Florida and also via web conference on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 4 p.m.

Present (or attending via web conference) and constituting a quorum were:

Joe Napolitano – Chair
Larry Roth – Vice Chair
Jenny Licht- Assistant Secretary
Mark Novitski – Assistant Secretary

Also present (or attending via web conference):

Cal Teague – PDM District Manager
Chris Pepin – Field Manager
Greg Urbancic – Attorney
Charlie Krebs – Engineer
Tad Kring – Irrigation Specialists
Christopher Dudak – PDM Client Services Manager

The following is a summary of the actions taken at the Habitat Community Development District Board of Supervisors Meeting.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS Call to Order and Roll Call

The meeting was called to order and all Board members were present, except Linda Lea Gibson. Also in attendance were Cal Teague, the District Manager and Tad Kring from Irrigation Specialists. Participating via web conference were Charlie Krebs, the Engineer, Greg Urbancic, the Attorney, Chris Pepin, the Field Manager, and Christopher Dudak of PDM.


THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of the Agenda

Add Item 6Av Mainline Locate Proposals

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Supervisor Licht, with all in favor, the Amended Agenda was approved as submitted.

FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

Diane Meek from the Master Landscape Committee asked about the new irrigation rain sensors, and wondered if the rain sensors make all the pumps shut off at the same time. The Committee is concerned about the irrigation of Christmas plantings and the new sod being installed by the single family home’s association. Tad Kring explained that each pump has its own sensor, which is controlled by the amount of rain the sensor detects, and each sensor responds independently of the other sensors.

FIFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of Meeting Minutes

A. Draft Meeting Minutes for September 21, 2021

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Vice Chair Roth, with all in favor, the Meeting Minutes from September 21, 2021 were approved.


A. Irrigation Contractor

Tad Kring from Irrigation Services compiled a report which was sent online and was handed out at the meeting. He answered questions and provided updates on various ongoing projects. He was also checking to make sure if the CDD has any license for the District converted to Habitat.

i. Monthly Irrigation Report

  • All pump stations were functioning well and were online for remote monitoring.
  • The rain sensors on the pump stations have been installed, and Tad stated that the individual home sensors are no longer needed. A letter will be sent explaining this to all sub associations.
  • The irrigation main project Tad needed to do at the emergency exit has been completed.
  • Tad is working with Field Manager Pepin to obtain the GIS data, which has been updated to reflect current improvements.

ii. Snail Treatment Program Update

  • Snail problem reports have been greatly reduced in the areas of single family homes. Hopefully, the chlorine injections will have a positive impact in all areas.
  • Flushing out the snails continues, but the frequency has been reduced from daily issues to only a few each week.

iii. Chlorine Tank Installation Update

The chlorine tank was still on back order. Tad has devised a plan to have a 275-gallon tote put on a trailer, then he will go to each valve and inject the chlorine manually. This will be completed in a few weeks, and he was currently preparing for this. He will begin on Ardore and Torre del Lago first.

iv. Valve Replacement Update

This has been completed and the report was distributed at the last meeting.

v. Mainline Locate Proposals

  • Tad explained that there are still isolation valves that need to be located, such as at Larino Loop. He submitted two proposals for locating the main lines, which, when found, will also be updated on the GIS system.
  • The most critical need is locating the main irrigation distribution lines, and in the future, he will submit new proposals for locating or installing isolation valves, so that the entire system does not have to be shut down when a mainline break occurs.
  • The mainlines should all be 4″, and they need to be evacuated to see what and where the mainlines are located. They are PVC , so they cannot be detected above ground. Also, there might be isolation valves already there.
  • The two proposals of locating irrigation lines and irrigation valves, stating the cost of $1,000 each, were presented and approved by the Board.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Supervisor Licht, with all in favor, the Board agreed that Irrigation Specialists can locate irrigation lines and irrigation valves, not to exceed $2,000.

vi. Fiber Optic Installation Near Irrigation Lines

  • Tad will work with the contractor to ensure that no problems occur with the mainlines during this installation.
  • Attorney Urbancic and PDM will work toward obtaining assurance that everything will be done to avoid damage during the installation, and that the HOA will ensure that any damages will be reimbursed.

B. District Manager

i. Bond Refinancing Options

The bond refinancing cannot be called until May of 2025, so there can be no refinancing.

ii. Letter to ARC Requesting Collaboration with the CDD

The letter has been sent.

iii. Cardno Contract Update

The suggestions on language suggested by Attorney Urbancic were accepted by Cardno. Chair Napolitano will sign the contract at this meeting.

C. Field Manager

i. Current Field Report

  • Field Manager Pepin is devising an alternate plan for the fountain bollards, because they are always getting damaged.
  • There was a discussion about roof drains discharging into the lakes, which could possibly lead to erosion. The Board requested that the ARC be told that any discharges into the lakes be presented to the CDD to avoid potential erosion.
  • Any letters sent to residents requesting cleanup of debris behind their house, will give notice that there is a fee to have it done.
  • Field Manager Pepin said he believes that some of the complaints about gutter and sidewalk concrete issues were somewhat overstated.

ii. Project Updates

a. Stormwater System Cleaning

Field Manager Pepin reported that MRI has completed the project, and a report has been submitted. The Board would like inspections to be done every two years, but if there are no storms, the inspection can be pushed back to three years.

b. FPL Street Light Head Replacement

Supervisor Novitski reported after the meeting with Estero Village and FPL, it was decided that there was no need for a lighting survey. He said that now there are other obstacles. A meeting with FPL and the Estero Village staff will be scheduled by Supervisor Novitski.

c. Gutter/Curbing/Sidewalk Concrete Repair Update

The project has been completed and Vice Chair Roth and Field Manager Pepin have had two final inspections. They also spoke with the contractor. The final approval was given, and the project was closed out.

d. Clocktower Foam Repair Proposal

Field Manager Pepin reported that he still cannot find a contractor to submit a proposal.

e. Surge Protectors Install at Irrigation Pump Stations Proposal

The project has been scheduled for completion in November, because the electrical contractor is backlogged.

f. Roadway Restriping Update

The project is scheduled to begin in the middle of November.

D. Attorney

Attorney Urbancic stated that the preparation and reporting requirements on HB 53, which will have a plan, should be completed by June 30, 2022. The Board would like to see line items in the budget for general engineering and special engineering projects.

E. Engineer

i. Emergency Access Road Updates

a. Project Updates

  • Engineer Krebs reported that the pavers have arrived for the first phase of the project. They were currently rough grading the berm. They were also marking fence locations. Engineer Krebs would like to have a Board member at future meetings.
  • Supervisor Novitski suggested leaving the extra turf blocks for phase two on the turf road. Engineer Krebs stated that they can be put on pallets, and he will check into placing a tarp over them. He agreed to leave them on the entrance road as a barrier.

b. Total Project Schedule: Clearing, Building, Electrical, Gate, Landscaping

They are currently trying to finalize the schedule for the electrical for the gate. The Notice of Commencement (NOC) has been returned.

c. New Construction Proposals

This is covered in 7F Lift Stations Turf Block Installation


A. “No Parking” Yellow Curb Painting

The Board felt that if this is going to be done, it should be everywhere, all or nothing. They want the subject dropped from further consideration.

On MOTION by Supervisor Licht, seconded by Supervisor Novitski, with all in favor, the Board agreed to drop the consideration of “No Parking” Yellow Curb Painting from future discussions.

B. President’s Council Request for Reconsideration of Stop Signs in Roundabouts

The Board discussed the President’s Council’s request, and stated that stop signs at roundabouts were not consistent with other traffic control practices within the County. The original proposal for the project was $2,500, but the current proposal is $2,725. The Board agreed to accept the extra $225 proposal to place yield signs at the roundabouts.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Supervisor Licht, with all in favor, the Board agreed to remove the stop signs at roundabouts and replace them with yield signs, with the increased cost of $225.

C. Interior Gatehouse Renovations

Vice Chair Roth is still having difficulty finding someone to do the project at a reasonable price. He suggested that the Master Committee could complete the project, and the CDD could reimburse them. Supervisor Licht knows of a contractor and will ask if he is interested.

D. Cracked Catch Basin #36 Repair Proposal

The storm water inspection identified catch basin #36 is in need of repair. The Board agreed to have it repaired.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Supervisor Licht, with all in favor, the Board agreed to have catch basin #36 repaired by MRI, at the cost of $2,500.

E. Damaged Drainpipe Behind Boccala Lane Repair Proposal

There is 80′ of collapsed pipe that was identified in the report. The Board agreed that it needed to be repaired. They agreed to get estimates with the help of Engineer Krebs and Field Manager Pepin and complete the repair, not to exceed $65,000.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Vice Chair Roth, with all in favor, the Board agreed to get bids and have the repair on the damaged drainpipe behind Boccala Lane completed, not to exceed $65,000.

F. Lift Station Turf Block Installation

The County wanted to install concrete at the County lift station, but the Board prefers turf block. The Board decided that turf block will be used at all entrances for lift stations or pumping stations.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Chair Napolitano, with all in favor, the Board agreed that turf block will be used at all entrances for lift stations or pumping stations.


A. Financials for September 2021

District Manager Teague reviewed the year-end financials. It was agreed that the excess be designated to Road Reserves.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Chair Napolitano, with all in favor, the Board agreed that all excess funds of $202,000 be placed in the Road Reserves.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Vice Chair Roth, with all in favor, the Board accepted the Financials for September 2021, as presented.


A. Estero Council of Community Leaders:


  • Supervisor Licht requested that Don from Estate Landscaping & Lawn Management cut the encroaching preserve in the back of her house. The Board stated that it is a homeowner or HOA responsibility now. The CDD did it one time, and it is now the responsibility of the HOA to do it, as previously agreed. Staff will send a letter to the HOA and remind them that the CDD did it one time, and now it is now their responsibility to cut back the preserve.
  • Supervisor Licht also commented that the clocktower walkways have ramps, and it encourages people to go to the clocktower. This is not what the Board would like. The Board recommended that Field Manager Pepin add ramp removal to his list the next time he is making concrete repairs. The Board agreed to put this on the Agenda next month.
  • In addition, Supervisor Licht would like to have more sidewalks installed in the community, and she would like the Board to discuss it again. She stated that Wild Blue has microparks, and that there are places in Bella Terra to install sidewalks.
  • Vice Chair Roth requested that a CDD Board member have a representative on the HOA long range planning committee. Supervisor Licht was appointed to be the representative.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Chair Napolitano, with all in favor, the Board agreed that Supervisor Licht be appointed as the Board representative on the HOA long range planning committee.


Diane Meek disagreed with Tad’s characterization of his contact with Don from Estate Landscaping & Lawn Management. She stated that she is aware of complaints that there are long delays, even though Tad stated that he has daily contact with Don. Supervisor Novitski suggested that communications with Tad be copied to Field Manager Pepin and District Manager Teague.


The meeting was adjourned by Chair Joe Napolitano at 5:58 p.m.

The next regular meeting will be November 16, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.

Chair/Vice Chair