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Meeting Minutes for June 21, 2022

Community Development District

The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Habitat Community Development District was held in the Bella Terra Clubhouse at 20070 Bella Terra Boulevard in Estero, Florida and also via web conference on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 4 p.m.

Present (or attending via web conference) and constituting a quorum were:

Joe Napolitano – Chair
Larry Roth – Vice Chair
Linda Lea Gibson – Assistant Secretary
Jenny Licht – Assistant Secretary
Mark Novitski – Assistant Secretary

Also present (or attending via web conference):

Cal Teague – PDM District Manager
Chris Pepin – Field Manager, Community Field Services
Charlie Krebs – Engineer, Hole Montes, Inc.
Greg Urbancic – Attorney, Coleman Yovanovich Koester, PA

The following is a summary of the actions taken at the Habitat Community Development District Board of Supervisors Meeting.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS Call to Order and Roll Call

The meeting was called to order and all Board members were present. Also in attendance were Cal Teague, the District Manager, and Chris Pepin, the Field Manager, and some Residents. Participating via web conference were Charlie Krebs, the Engineer, and Greg Urbanic, the Attorney.


THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of the Agenda

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Vice Chair Roth, with all in favor, the Agenda was approved, as submitted.

FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

Rob Warner

FIFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of Meeting Minutes

A. Draft Meeting Minutes for May 17, 2022

On MOTION by Supervisor Napolitano, seconded by Supervisor Licht, with all in favor, the Board accepted the May 17, 2022 Draft Meeting Minutes, as submitted.


A. Irrigation Contractor

i. Monthly Irrigation Report

The Board discussed the report that they had received. They noted that there had been less snails, and believed that one more flush is scheduled. Supervisors Novitski and Licht commented that the irrigation in the community had been shut off. Supervisor Novitski also stated that he saw charges on a lot of mainline and irrigation breaks, and wondered if they had been caused by Hotwire. The Board would like clarification to determine if the breaks were from Hotwire or from something else.

B. District Manager

i. Assessment Increase Letter

District Manager Teague had given the Board a draft of the assessment increase letter, which will be sent out before the Public Hearing. After discussion, the Board accepted the letter, as written. District Manager Teague asked that they send any revisions to him, if there are any, within the next week.

C. Field Manager

i. Project Updates

Field Manager Pepin reported on the following issues:

a. FPL Street Light Head Replacement Update

The progress of the replacement was discussed, and it was commented that District Manager Teague was reviewing the LDO application, and he will sign the letter of authorization, and send it to the Village. FPL expects the work to be completed in 4-6 weeks.

b. 2022 Community Concrete Repair Project Update

Chris reported that County Concrete had begun cutting out the bad sections, and they expect to have the project completed in 4-6 weeks.

c. Clock Tower Pressure Cleaning & Painting Update

This project is 100% complete.

ii. Current Field Report

Field Manager Pepin reviewed his field report for June, and he emphasized the following, and answered questions from the Board :

The lakes were in fair to poor shape, with the littoral planting to be completed in the middle of July.

A high presence of shoreline weeds was identified in Lakes 1, 2, 6, & 3.

A trash cleanup around the lakes will be conducted later this month.

Aerator concerns were pointed out on Lakes 24, 15, & 8.

Kids had built structures out of fallen and dead trees in the preserves near Lake 5, and Chris will have them removed.

It was noted that small trees had fallen in the preserves, and he will remove them.

There were no asphalt concerns noted.

He had stated that he will clean the street light heads that are dirty.

He identified several cleanup issues, that he was addressing.

He identified a failed silt barrier from a new pool being constructed, and an illicit discharge pipe at 21047 Bosco Court.

Signage and other concerns were noted.

Supervisor Novitski would like a notice placed in the newsletter, asking the residents to refrain from putting trash in the ponds. During the inspection, Chris identified some needed maintenance in the Guardhouse, which will be completed. Repairs will be started on the speed cushions and other roadway landscaping. Supervisor Licht requested that the calcium on the bowls of the clock tower be cleaned more frequently, and this will be done.

a. Service History Report

Solitude’s report indicated that they had treated grasses on Lakes 4, 5, 6, and 2, and they had treated undesirable shoreline vegetation and algae in all the lakes, where needed.

D. Attorney

Attorney Urbancic stated that there are 3 people who have qualified for the 3 open seats on the Board, which will be voted on at the November elections. Therefore, there will be no need for a Board of Supervisors election at the general election. Those filing will assume their seats on the 2nd Tuesday after the general election.

i. Transfer of Ownership of Pump Station Before Turf Block Installation Update

Engineer Krebs had forwarded to the Board the sketches from the survey of the three stations. The Board decided to proceed with the transfer of ownership.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Supervisor Licht, with all in favor, the Board approved proceeding with the transfer of ownership of the three pump stations from the HOA to the CDD.

E. Engineer

i. Emergency Access Road Landscaping and Lighting Discussion

Engineer Krebs reported that the County had not finished their utility work, so the project will be started when this is done. The Board approved using the LED fixtures that Charlie had located.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Vice Chair Roth, with all in favor, the Board approved the installation of LED lights at the emergency access road.


A. Interior Gatehouse Renovations Update

Supervisor Licht had asked staff to look at the conditions of the Guardhouse, because she felt that it had been agreed that the maintenance of the Guardhouse is the responsibility of the HOA, and from the review of Chris’s inspection report, she ascertained that it had not been properly maintained. The Board would like staff to send a letter to the Master Board of the HOA informing them of their concerns, stating that maintenance of the Guardhouse is their responsibility, and requesting that the HOA give the specifics of the actions that they will be taking and when. The Board will discuss their response at next month’s meeting.

B. Cost Estimates for Future Sidewalks

Extension of sidewalks was presented by Supervisor Licht, and Chris had received an estimate to construct sidewalks where none are present. He had received an estimate from County Concrete, and they had proposed $139,008 to install approximately 8,688 square feet of new sidewalk. This does not include the removal and relocation of signage, utility boxes, or irrigation boxes. After discussion, the Board decided to table this until a later time.

C. Cost Estimate for Speed Cushion Removal & Replacement Near the Guardhouse

Field Manager Pepin stated that D&G had provided a estimate of $17,424 to remove the old speed cushions, repair the asphalt, replace the old cushions at the exit, and install a new set of cushions at the flagpole. This also includes 4 speed cushion signs on U Channel posts and the necessary striping. Supervisor Licht and Vice Chair Roth felt that the cushions being installed are too high.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Supervisor Gibson, with 3 in favor, and Vice Chair Roth and Supervisor Licht opposed, the Board approved the removal and replacement of speed cushions near the guardhouse, not to exceed $21,000.


A. Financials for May 2022

District Manager Teague reviewed the Financials, and the following was discussed:

The Board wondered why there were bills from Hotwire, since the work was not done by the CDD. District Manager Teague will investigate this.

On MOTION by Supervisor Novitski, seconded by Supervisor Gibson, with all in favor, the Board agreed to accept the May 2022 Financials for Audit, as submitted.


Supervisor Novitski asked if the County had installed screening in front of the 2 storm sewer lines coming off of Corkscrew Road into Lake 1, which would prevent silt from entering the lake. He also wondered if traffic lights will be installed, so that there can be three lanes on the road exiting the community. Engineer Krebs will investigate both requests.

Supervisor Licht stated that she had observed the native plants placed in Bonita Bay, and how they are used to enhance the environment. She invited the Board to accompany her on a ride around on June 27, 2022 to observe how they have incorporated these native plants, which are encouraging more plantings and animal life. Attorney Urbancic cautioned that they not discuss any possible action by the Board during the ride around, so they will comply with the Sunshine laws, and that they be careful to only observe.


Audience member, Reese, wondered if the speed cushions coming into the community will be removed and replaced, according to the Board’s action earlier in the meeting. After discussion, the Board agreed that there will be 6 total removed and replaced, 2 at the entrance, 2 at the exit, and 2 at the exit by the flagpole.

Michelle Cazaccs was concerned about the unsightly pump station next to a residence on the corner of Bella Terra Boulevard and Cleto, and who is responsible for taking actions on this issue, the CDD or the HOA. She also wondered who has responsibility for the upkeep of roundabout 3.

Susan Pippins wondered about the replacement of the light heads, which was discussed earlier in the meeting, and their effect on the trees. She also wondered if the residents could know the names of Board members leaving and those who are taking their place in the upcoming election. The Board gave her those names.


The Meeting was adjourned by Chair Napolitano at 5:22 p.m.

The Next Regular Meeting will be July 19, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

Secretary / Assistant Secretary
Chair / Vice Chair