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Draft Workshop Meeting Minutes for February 21, 2023

Community Development District

A workshop meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Habitat Community Development District was held in the Bella Terra Clubhouse at 20070 Bella Terra Boulevard in Estero, Florida and also via web conference on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 at 3 p.m.

Present (or attending via web conference) and constituting a quorum were:

Larry Roth – Chair
Norman Reno – Vice Chair
Linda Lea Gibson – Assistant Secretary
Jenny Licht – Assistant Secretary
Joseph Napolitano – Assistant Secretary

Also present (or attending via web conference):

Cal Teague – PDM District Manager
Chris Pepin – Field Manager, Community Field Services
Charlie Krebs – Engineer, Hole Montes, Inc.
K.J. Moss – Bella Terra Community Association

The following is a summary of the actions taken at the Habitat Community Development District Board of Supervisors Meeting.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS Call to Order and Roll Call

The meeting was called to order and five Board members were present, with Supervisor Napolitano arriving later in the meeting. Also in attendance were Cal Teague, the District Manager, Chris Pepin, the Field Manager, Charlie Krebs, the Engineer, K.J. Moss, Master Board of the HOA, and some Residents. Participating via web conference were Some Residents.


THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of the Agenda

This will be approved at the Regular meeting.

FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

This will be covered at the Regular meeting.

FIFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Asphalt Rejuvenation Workshop

Jeff Markel from Asphalt Technology gave a presentation on his company and its services, using a large screen TV:

Mr. Markel stated that the life of the roadways can be extended if the proper preservation is applied on the roads at the proper time, and he stated that Bella Terra has roadways suitable for this type of life extension. He stated that it is a green technology, which will not be harmful to wildlife, like coal tar, which is a pine and oil based product. He stated that the application would make the road soft and pliable, and it would lower the denseness, hardness and brittleness of the pavement. He stated that it is not visible, because it is a clear application, and the road would not need restriping, however, patching would be visible. It is installed in winter onto existing pavement, and it is applied more quickly than conventional methods.

He stated that he has inspected all of the roadways in Bella Terra and noted areas that could use a refresh or repair but would not need to be addressed initially. He stated that there are many options available for the installation of their product on the roadways in Bella Terra, and he pointed out in his presentation the various conditions that he had observed in the community and explained the applications which would be appropriate. He encouraged the community to be proactive so that damage occurring over time could be prevented.

Mr. Markel stated that it should be applied over a 15 year period, and he recommends treatment every 5 years, but it is not mandatory. Their goal is to avoid dedicated funding, such as a bond issue, and raising dues and special assessments. He stated that he would draft a proposal which would include the replacement of the community’s roadways over a 15 year period costing $3.5 million, and each treatment would be $435,000, with a 5 year warranty. He stated that there is third party testing, including references, on results. He stated that the application in Bella Terra would take 9 to 10 days, at 20,000 square yards per day.

He entertained questions from the audience when his presentation was complete.

Supervisor Napolitano arrived during the question and answer period.

SIXTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Supervisor Requests/Comments

There were no Supervisor requests or comments.


There were Audience questions and comments after Mr. Markel’s presentation.


Chair Roth adjourned the Workshop Meeting at 3:58 p.m.

The February 21, 2023 Regular Meeting is today at 4:00 p.m.

Secretary / Assistant Secretary
Chair / Vice Chair