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Draft Meeting Minutes for June 16, 2020

Community Development District

The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Habitat Community Development District was held via web conference on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 4 p.m.

Attending via web conference authorized by Executive Order 20-69 waiving the quorum requirement were:

Mark Novitski – Chair
Larry Roth – Vice Chair
Linda Lea Gibson – Assistant Secretary
Jenny Licht – Assistant Secretary
Joe Napolitano – Assistant Secretary

Also present by web conference were:
Cal Teague – District Manager
Charlie Krebs – District Engineer
Chris Pepin – Field Manager
Tad Kring – Irrigation Specialists
Christopher Dudak – Assistant to the District Manager

The following is a summary of the actions taken at the Habitat Community Development District Board of Supervisors Meeting.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESSCall to Order and Roll Call

The meeting was called to order by the Chair and the District Manager called roll. All Board members were present. Also present were District Manager Cal Teague, District Engineer Charlie Krebs, Field Manager Chris Pepin, and PDM Assistant to the District Manager Chrisopher Dudak.


The Agenda was approved as presented.

On MOTION by Vice Chair Roth, seconded by Supervisor Napolitano, with all in favor, the Agenda was approved as presented.

FOURTH THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

Greg Gierhart, president of the condominiums, attended the meeting. He wanted to know what specific problem is being addressed with the road and gate access proposed changes on Barletta Lane. Rob Warner was also in attendance.

FIFTH ORDER OF BUSINESSApproval of Meeting Minutes

A. Regular Meeting Minutes from May 19, 2020

The meeting Minutes from May 19, 2020 were approved as presented. Supervisor Licht had a question about managing the willows as opposed to cutting them out as the minutes reflected. The Field Manager was under the impression that the Board wanted them removed, not because they are invasive, but more of a nuisance. He said they had been cut at the base and does not recommend they be used on the banks. Chair Novitski would like the willows to be on the next Agenda for discussion.

On MOTION by Vice Chair Roth, seconded by Supervisor Licht, with all in favor, the regular meeting Minutes from May 19, 2020 were approved as presented.


A. Irrigation Contractor

i. Pumping Station Signage Update

Signs have been replaced. Tad Kring, Irrigation Specialists, bought them in bulk. Also, all padlocks or combination locks have been replaced.

ii. Valve Repair Summary Report

  • Nine of them have been completed so far. They are documented and Tad Kring sent a report to the Field Manager of where valves have been repaired.
  • Tad also corrected some invoices.
  • The recharge pumps on the wells are going to have the run times reduced next week. They are only going to run for two hours a day.
  • Nine filters have been replaced, six in the condos and three in the villas.
  • Tad also discussed the significant reduction of mainline breaks.

B. Lake Management

The issues are covered in the Field Manager’s report.

C. District Manager

i. FEMA Update

The District Manager reported that the CDD has been obligated for $50,551.76 which has been approved and is awaiting action by the state. The water control structure was not approved as FEMA felt that was a maintenance issue. FEMA is reimbursing those things that the CDD paid for. When asked if the HOA could get reimbursement through the CDD, the District Manager explained that the CDD can only collect on items as a public entity, whereas the HOA is a private entity and is ineligible to get reimbursed.

ii. GIS Phase III Update

That information has not yet been received.

D. Field Manager

i. Field Report for June

The following comments/actions were reviewed:

  • There has been a lot of foot traffic around the CDD lakes, especially on Lakes 23 and 24. The Field Manager put “no trespassing” signs there and the situation improved.
  • A washout repair was made, and it washed out after initial repairs. Chris Pepin had Conidaris come back and repair it again.
  • A villa resident installed a concrete fishing pier on the shoreline using bricks and mortar. Their neighbor placed stepping stones down to the retention pond which were taken out during lake bank repairs. The Board asked for a letter to be sent requesting removal.
  • The privacy screen for pump station 1 is really faded so Chris ordered a new one.
  • The Board discussed landscapers who are not cutting to the markers. A letter will be sent to the HOAs instructing them to cut the private property to the preserve edge..

ii. Concern/Complaint Log

The Attorney spoke about correspondence with the South Florida Water Management District and the townhomes related to the drainage behind their property. There are some pipes on their property that were part of the overall drainage system. While the CDD acknowledges that they may have drainage concerns, it was something that was done without the CDD’s involvement and they never accepted those improvements, according to the District files provided to the CDD Attorney. In a letter concerning the issue, he described the program involving the maintenance of the stormwater system in the community. This issue has come up for many years. The townhome owners own the land and it is not a CDD responsibility.

iii. Project Updates

a. FPL Light Pole Numbering

It may take several more weeks for FPL to allow people to come pick up materials from their facility in Naples.

b. Signpost Shrub/Sod Plantings

This project has been completed. There is some sod that has to be filled in.

c. Lift Station/Irrigation Pump Station Driveway Sealing Update

This is scheduled to be completed June 27.

d. HOA Lift Station Storage Concerns

The estimate for a 10×16′ storage shed is $4,430.53. It will be hurricane impact ready and comes with a five-year warranty. A section of the fence has to be removed to accommodate the shed. At that time, the fence company will have to return to close the area again. Two other companies were asked for quotes but did not return the Field Manager’s calls. The Board will do more research on sheds with no windows and roll-down doors for the next meeting.

e. Community-Wide Tree Trimming Near Utilities Proposals

The Field Manager identified 36 street light poles throughout the community that have branches blocking the light. They Board received a trimming proposal from Moore’s Landscaping. They will obtain another bid from a certified arborist. This item will go back on the agenda for the next meeting.

Chair Novitski asked the Field Manager to get proposals to televise the pipes.

E. Attorney

There being none, the next Order of Business followed.

F. Engineer

i. Swale Behind 21027 Torre Del Lago Update

The Engineer says that the swale is flat. One option is to put in drainage pipe holes which discharge into the lake. The Board requested proposals for an underground stormwater collection system for next month.


A. Emergency Ingress/Egress & Considerations Related to Widening Corkscrew Road

The presentation was delayed until the July meeting. The following will be addressed by staff:

i. PowerPoint Presentation

ii. Storm Sewer Scoping/Cleaning

iii. Potential for 3 Exit Lanes

iv. Traffic Light Arrows

v. Working with the HOA to Get Transfer or Easement for Emergency Ingress/Egress

The Board is waiting for architectural proposals for the gate. They are requesting a proposal from the original architect. Chair Novitski requested additional estimates for architectural drawings. People are complaining about the length of time it takes for their guests to pass through the gate. The Chair proposed a walking inspection of this area during the next meeting to discuss potential changes to better facilitate traffic at the gate, the pedestrian walkway crossing, and the options on the Barletta entry access.

B. Road & Gate Access to Barletta Lane Entry for Condos (HOA)

The Board reviewed a letter from Greg Gierhart and the letter sent by Supervisor Licht on behalf of the Board. A decision will be made after more discussion about the issue.

C. CDD/HOA Masterplan Coordination and Communication Efforts

The Chair reported that communication has improved.

D. Holiday Decorations in Cul-de-Sacs/Insurance

Vice Chair Roth and the District Manager will prepare criteria for placing decorations in neighborhood cul-de-sacs. The Board will be able to approve them as a whole if neighborhoods comply.

E. Stormwater Drainage

a. Corkscrew Into Bella Terra

The County told the Board that they only clean from the street basins to the property lines, even though they have pipes running directly into the District’s drainage basin. The Board voiced concern that the County is not taking responsibility for runoff from Corkscrew.

b. Community Drainage Issues

The Board agrees that the District’s drainage system is performing as designed, but due to heavy rain, some street flooding is to be expected. The Engineer believes that boxes that are flooding may belong to the cable companies. Supervisor Licht will bring up the issue at the Master Association meeting.

F. Regularly Scheduled Workshops Discussion

The Chair stated that workshops will require prior announcement in the newspaper for which they will have to pay. If held, some of the issues that could be discussed are:
a. Budget
b. Lake banks plantings
c. Roadway Median Lakeside Enhancements
d. Guardhouse Safety Upgrades

Regarding guardhouse safety, the Board discussed a short curbing system along the road next to the guardhouse to protect guards inside the facility. Other options are to be considered once identified.


A. Financials for May 2020

The Financials were accepted as presented.

On MOTION by Supervisor Gibson, seconded by Vice Chair Roth, with all in favor, the Board voted to accept the Financials for May 2020.


A. Estero Council of Community Leaders: New Greater Estero Community Report

The meetings are being done on Zoom and can be viewed on the website.

NINTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Supervisors Requests and/or Comments
  • Supervisor Gibson asked about the chemicals being used for lake bank weed control. The Field Manager will get a breakdown of the chemicals used from Solitude.
  • Supervisor Napolitano mentioned the high service costs for the maintenance of the Clock Tower fountains.
  • Supervisor Licht inquired about the FPL bills.
  • The Board also discussed why the lift station entry road had not been blacktopped. It seems that the area may be too small for the cable company to contract to do it, the Field Manager stated.

There being none, the next Order of Business followed.


There being no further Orders of Business and,

On MOTION by Supervisor Napolitano, seconded by Vice Chair Roth, the meeting was adjourned at 6:03 p.m.

Next Meeting: July 21, 2020 at 4 p.m.

Secretary/Assistant Secretary
Chair/Vice Chair