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Amended Workshop Meeting Minutes for May 21, 2024

Community Development District

A workshop meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Habitat Community Development District was held in the Bella Terra Clubhouse at 20070 Bella Terra Boulevard in Estero, Florida and also via web conference on Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 3:00 p.m.

Present and constituting a quorum were:

Larry Roth – Chair
Norman Reno – Vice Chair
Linda Lea Gibson – Assistant Secretary
Jenny Licht – Assistant Secretary
James Meek – Assistant Secretary

Also present:

Cal Teague – District Manager, Premier District Management (PDM)
Charlie Krebs – Engineer, Hole Montes, Inc.
Melissa Gindling – Assistant District Manager, PDM
Brian Fennell – iEmulsions Corporation
Tony Grout – iEmulsions Corporation

The following is a summary of the actions taken at the Habitat Community Development District Board of Supervisors Workshop Meeting.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS Call to Order and Roll Call

The workshop meeting was called to order and all Board members were present. Also in attendance were Cal Teague, the District Manager, Charlie Krebs, the Engineer, Brian Fennell and Tony Grout from iEmulsions Corporation, Melissa Gindling, the Assistant District Manager, and Two Residents.

SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of the Agenda

On MOTION by Supervisor Meek, seconded by Vice Chair Reno, with all in favor, the Agenda was approved, as presented.

THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

There were no Audience comments on Agenda items.

FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Asphalt Rejuvenation Workshop

Brian Fennell from iEmulsions Corporation gave a presentation on his company’s asphalt rejuvenation process, illustrated with slides. He stated that he has written two patents for the application of rejuvenator chemistries and the extension of the service life of highways, secondary roads, and tertiary roads. He stated that there are numerous companies who have created asphalt rejuvenator chemistries, but they have not considered that every asphalt surface is different and should be treated accordingly.

Brian stated that the product is a linseed, biobased formula and has been extensively tested and evaluated. He explained the difference between microtexture and macrotexture, and stated that the product will penetrate the macrotexture. It was tested on a track and has tested well under truck traffic. They have found that it extends the asphalt service life by about 50% per treatment. It has been used on highways in the Midwest, but has not been used in Florida as of yet.

Brian stated that there is a 2 hour drying time, and the process will take 11-12 days to complete. iEmulsions supplies the traffic control devices, and they can work during the day or night. If completed during the evening, the cost is less expensive, and he recommends application at night. He recommends inspecting the subbase of the asphalt first in the areas needing treatment and then dosing them with a rejuvenator that will most effectively extend the life of the pavement. He has been communicating with Engineer Krebs on the needs of the community’s roadways and the process of the rejuvenator application.

Chair Roth asked how it will be advantageous to Bella Terra, and Brian explained that the pavement will behave more like a younger pavement after treatment, and it is less expensive than milling and repaving. Brian explained the preparation that will be needed before applying the rejuvenator, and he also explained traffic control in the community during the application process. There was discussion on the cost, which will be determined after more evaluation of the roadways.

Brian stated that he will also send staff the answers to the Supervisors’ written questions, which have been submitted.


On MOTION by Supervisor Meek, seconded by Supervisor Licht, with all in favor, the workshop meeting was adjourned at 3:56 p.m.

The May 21, 2024 Regular Meeting is today at 4:00 p.m.

Secretary / Assistant Secretary
Chair / Vice Chair